Experimental Transfusion Medicine Dresden

Automated cell isolation systems (diagnostic and clinical grade)


Treatment of many diseasses has been improved in last decades and trends are going to the personalised medicine. In order to state the right diagnosis or choose the right treatment, accurate and fast diagnostic methods are required. Magnetic separation is common option for cell separation, however magnetic beads bound to the cell can influence the quality of diagnostic test outcome. Second option is based on negative selection by using of tetrameric antibodies and ficoll centrifugation but to create atibody cocktail is not always easy for all required cell populations and the purity is therefore often suboptimal. Both cell separation methods are also time consuming and for certain diagnostic test the time reduction would be beneficial. We are working on development of fully automated fast cell separation method that is based on reversible binding Fab streptamers that allows isolation of magnet free “untouched” cells for downstream diagnostic applications.