Experimental Transfusion Medicine Dresden



Project leader: Dr. Romy Kronstein-Wiedemann

Project leader: Dr. Jiri Eitler

Selected Publications

Eitler, J., N. Wotschel, N. Miller, L. Boissel, H. G. Klingemann, W. S. Wels, T. Tonn (2021). „Inability of granule polarization by NK cells defines tumor resistance and can be overcome by CAR or ADCC mediated targeting.” Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer 9(1). IF=10.2

Mitwasi, N., A. Feldmann, C. Arndt, S. Koristka, N. Berndt, J. Jureczek, L. R. Loureiro, R. Bergmann, D. Mathe, N. Hegedus, T. Kovacs, C. Zhang, P. Oberoi, E. Jager, B. Seliger, C. Rossig, A. Temme, J. Eitler, T. Tonn, M. Schmitz, J. C. Hassel, D. Jager, W. S. Wels and M. Bachmann (2020). “”UniCAR”-modified off-the-shelf NK-92 cells for targeting of GD2-expressing tumour cells.” Scientific reports 10(1): 2141. IF=3.9

Percin*, G. I., J. Eitler*, A. Kranz, J. Fu, J. W. Pollard, R. Naumann and C. Waskow (2018). “CSF1R regulates the dendritic cell pool size in adult mice via embryo-derived tissue-resident macrophages.” Nature Communications 9(1): 5279.  IF=12.1

Jacome-Galarza, C. E., G. I. Percin, J. T. Muller, E. Mass, T. Lazarov, J. Eitler, M. Rauner, V. K. Yadav, L. Crozet, M. Bohm, P. L. Loyher, G. Karsenty, C. Waskow and F. Geissmann (2019). “Developmental origin, functional maintenance and genetic rescue of osteoclasts.” Nature 568(7753): 541-545. IF=42.8