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NK cell-based therapies


Research focus:

Cell therapy is a promising strategy for treating tumors where conventional therapies fail. Treatment with chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells has been successful in selected hematological malignancies but until now by and large failed in solid tumors. NK cells are currently being developed as an alternative strategy and promise to be more effective in the treatment of solid tumors. NK cells are also more universally applicable without the risk of graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) and with favorable cytokine profile that protect from side effects after adoptive transfer. In recent years, our group and others have developed protocols for the clinical application of various NK cell sources. We have established NK-92 cells as clinically applicable cell line and proved clinical safety. We have further developed several CAR-retargeted NK-92 cell, where ERBB2-specific CAR-NK-92 cells are currently tested in clinical trial CAR2BRAIN (NCT03383978). We are further working on improvement of the CAR technology and NK cell-based therapies. We are also very interested in resistance mechanisms that lead to cancer cell escape from the NK cell immunosurveillance. Recently, we broaden our focus to non-cancer CAR-NK targets to treat various severe diseases.


Selected publications:

NK cells

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Dendritic cells and macrophages

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