Experimental Transfusion Medicine Dresden

Determination of cell numbers for vital hematopoietic stem cells by flow cytometry


All measurements are performed using CE-certified test procedures. Our lab regularly participates in interlaboratory comparisons (“Ringversuche”) to prove proper accomplishment of the necessary procedures.



  • Quality control of fresh or cryo-preserved stem cell specimen
  • Assessment of mobilization of peripheral blood stem cells to determine the optimal time point for the stem cell apheresis procedure
  • Calculation of the stem cell dose


Required material:

  • ca. 0.5 – 1 ml blood of venous origin (in K2EDTA or K3EDTA; peripheral blood or cord blood, bone marrow)
  • ca. 0.5 ml apheresis (in ACD)
  • Cryo-preserved stem cell specimen


Storage and transport of material:

  • <24 hours: at 2-6 °C
  • At -196 °C (liquid nitrogen)